this boy is exhausted (plastikitten) wrote in farewellfanclub,
this boy is exhausted

The Minerva's Owl LP

Here's the tracklist for the upcoming release:

1. Strunk and White, 7:31
2. Why America Isn't Worthy of Allen Ginsberg, 2:57
3. Sign for Sam 221, 6:15
4. Sweat #2 (A Movement in
Fb Minor), 9:56
5. A Marble Accompanied (by Mice&Muffins), 5:23
6. Margaret Thatcher Was Here, 1982, 15:13
7. Hopeland
or Bringing It All Back Home, 14:38

Total Running Time: 61:53

Because farewell we? ORANGE dictaTor does not support the corrupt capitalist infrastructure extant in the world today, we will issue this album by request only - releasing it to stores would use up precious resources which our world cannot afford.
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